As I came to the Red Sea, seeking a chance to work in the diving industry, I started out freelancing for some dive centres. I like it a lot, but my heart was looking out for live-aboard diving. And after a few month I got that chance 😉

Of course you start out with some training. And then, as you do well you might get a chance to become one of the regular guides. Luckily I got that chance on MY Emperor Asmaa.

Before all that happened I used to travel in the north, doing ‘Reefs & Wrecks’. Really loves the history, penetrating the wrecks, seeking adventure. As I came to MY Asmaa we actually spent lots of time in the south. Diving the caves and deep falling walls of fury shoal and Saint Johns. At first I was not sure that was for me. Later on, after several adventures I learned that this became my home and fell in love with the place. And honestly at times I miss that a lot.

MY Asmaa is not the biggest of boats. But as I was there the crew was like family to me. Who would have thought that I would feel so at home in between 10 Egyptian men. But these guys became my brothers. And together we welcomed new friends on board every week.

Some of my dear brothers

A successful safari to me is being safe, having a great time and doing dives that we all like. That means that every week is different, cause our guests are different. Weather changes and marine life is different on every dive. I have learned so much in more ways than you can imagine. A treasure that has enriched my life.

But then due to circumstances its time to move on. Seek new adventures, a new company and new locations. Time to move on to the magical Maldives.  I can only hope that one day I get to meet you all again.

Hugs and Bubbles from the Maldives, Anke.

P.S. there is no way to show all the pictures that we made during those years. But here a small selection 😉