The current was definitely present as we jumped from our Dhoni Blue Voyager. Descending to 18 meters we found ourselves on a rimm. As we followed this thin stretch of reef, currents coming from the side, the first contours appeared. That was definitely a shark and more than one at that 😉

I found we were on an inner corner and two white tips curiously watched us as we hooked in the reef. Only few feet away from us the local grey reefs had their morning wash, visiting the cleaning station of Rasdhoo. And as we hang in our reef hooks, nature just gave us one of the best shows!

One after the other passed by, curiously looking at us and making eye contact. What elegance and grace. And in what great numbers they appeared. I just stopped counting at 25, while they just kept coming. Juveniles of maybe 3 feet running up some great looking adults of 6 feet.

As we were 25 minutes into the dive we unhooked and drifted on. Giant Tuna’s hunting, massive schools of fusiliers passing by, a leaf fish on the top, a mantis shrimp showing its colours. What a great dive site, Rashdoo a.k.a. grey reef heaven 😉

This week’s trips we focus on Shark Project. Try and check as much sharks and rays as we can. And have been quite successful with 18 identified Manta’s, 21 Mobula’s, Many Eagle rays, night diving with Nurse sharks, more grey reefs than we can count and of course some white tips and black tips thrown in the mix.

Together with 19 new and old friends from Holland, Germany, Canada and Great Britain we travelled the central Atolls of the Maldives. We had a great time, best diving and an absolutely shark-tastic adventure 😉

Sunny regards from the Maldives…