Now I have always wanted to dive the Magical Maldives. Experience the many sharks, the magic of the manta rays. Explore the channels and outer reefs. However I was not expecting to go there short notice.


ANKE blue voyagerAs I was looking for a new challenge, I got in touch with One of their safari boats in the Maldives, was looking for temporary help. That is how my new adventure got started ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hopped into a plane or two and went off to Male.

Now I have been a safari dive guide for some time now. And I truly enjoy Egypt and its glorious Red Sea. But being able to dive this great new place for a few months was a challenge I could not resist. It is slightly different from Egypt though. Warm weather all year round, difference in summer and winter is the moist, rain and winds. And also the system of the boat is slightly different. Out here we manage as good as all from the boat itself. No supporting big ground crew. Doing the pick-up of guests ourselves. And some differences in the was the crew is organized.


Speaking of the crew, these are a great bunch of gentlemen. Some people think that for me as a woman, being the manager (or as they call it our here Cruise Director), life must be extra hard. Being in an Islamic culture and all. Well honestly, our crew is a great one. Very professional, helpful and always willing to help out. Now I am not saying it is an easy job to do, but with the right crew, for sure a lot easier than you might imagine.


Besides all that, Blue Voyager is a great boat to be on. She is a 37 meter metal hull and came from Egypt only 1,5 years ago. She has space for 26 guests and all cabins are quite spacious and luxurious.

Voyager is a floating hotel. All the diving is done by our Dhoni Blue Shadow. So every time, after briefing, we hop onto the Dhoni to go out for a dive. We jump negative on outer reefs, in channels and next to thilla’s. As we are done, just pop n SMB and the dhoni comes to pick us up. I love the zodiacs in Egypt, but the dhoni gives great comfort and loads of space. An absolute plus for me as a diver.

So life got sunny, yes some hard work but also some great diving. And as a diver I can only recommend diving this magical place. If you like to join me, check out the scuba diving holidays by blue o two:

Sunny regards from magical Maldivesโ€ฆ