For sure the Maldives is Manta heaven. Still it is nature and not a zoo, so there are no guarantees. Every week we search for these elegant giants and as good as every week we get to meet quite a few. But meeting them in the night, barrelling behind the boat.. WOW!

Waiting for the manta

What we do is park the boat in a lagoon where manta’s often are seen. We set up some massive lights and our engineer hangs them just above the water. This bundle attracts plankton and that happens to be dinner for the manta. And then you just wait…..

If the manta comes to feed, it will back flip in the cloud of plankton, often so close to the boat you cannot believe. You can snorkel with them or dive… Personally I like the snorkel more.. But absolutely magical 😉

Thanks Mike for posting the picture above… And check out some of the shots below…

Hugs & Bubbles, Anke @ Blue Voyager