blueotwo_LOGO_white_border smallI just came back to Egypt for a new episode in my adventures. The time I had in the Maldives was awesome. Diving out there is just amazing because of the rich marine life. The manta, mobula, whipray, stingrays, grey reefs, tigers, white tips, nurses and I did not even mention all the glorious critters. But however beautiful and amazing, I still missed the Red Sea and am happy to be back here for a while.

This time around I will be joining the Blue O Two fleet. And today I get to meet MV Blue Horizon, her crew, the other guides and all that come with her. I am really excited to meet new colleagues and especially to dive the lovely Red Sea again.

I will keep you all posted of my adventures, make some more movies and pictures. But if you are interested to check out my ‘new home’, please go to: