photo credit: Simon Lorenz – Dive Tours with a Twist  – https://www.insiderdivers.com/

That the manta has a intriguing effect on us, that is obvious. But can you imagine meeting on on a night dive? Well if you are lucky and mother nature generous, than that is exactly what you get as you make a night dive in Fesdu Lagoon.

Mantas come into lagoons for the night to seek protection and find some late night snacks, like plankton. So what we like to do is park the boat into a lagoon and set up some massive lights to attract the plankton. And as we do so and if there is a manta in the area then we get to meet her as we sit just behind MV Blue Voyager in the sand.

As the manta comes she will be focussed on the lights and come really close. So make sure you hold the torch in front of your face. And not at chest level, or she might just swim into you and knock the mask off your face.

Does the strength of your torch matter? YES… You need to make yourself seen and just sit still. And if you then get lucky to meet a manta at night, she will dance just above our torches and blow our minds away.

Love life and blow bubbles… Anke