ANKE blue voyager

Sooooooo excited… Going back to M/Y Blue Voyager to meet my family in the Maldives, Captain Hassan and the crew. It has been a few months, but its always great to be coming back. Having fun with these gents is like a holiday to me.
You might wonder,,, huh but you just went to Bahamas… Yes I did… My visit to the Maldives is only for a few weeks. The regular Cruise Directors Albert and Sophie are on a well deserved holiday. hence I am there just to help out. What great fun.

Flights from the Bahamas as horrible dough. As good as 2 days hanging in air crafts and around airports. Ble.. But in the end it will be a good investment in having fun in the Maldives. Team is awesome, diving is great and the boat is just stunning.

So Hopefully see you all soon out there.

Hugs and kisses, Anke