Charter a liveaboard

Your tour, your planning and only your group!

Having a liveaboard all to yourselves?

There are some mayor advantages to chartering your own liveaboard as you can taylor the trip to your own needs. As of 15 people and up it can be quite interesting to charter your own boat. Have only your group on the boat. Make the dives you want to make and the price might surprise you.

Let’s make something beautiful together!

We charter ships for both our own trips as well as for other groep and organisation. We care for additional supplies such as equipment, special shopping and sorts, but also support and consult for the best route and guiding and management of the trip.

Are you and your divers ready? Than lets make an awesome memory together and blow some bubbles…

If you are interested in more information on chartering a liveaboard, then feel free to contact us.