A broken dive computer?

Fortunately, diving with the table in the pocket of your vest and a watch on your wrist is a thing of the past. We are all now learning to do it with a computer, but how well do divers know that computer? Not too good in my experience unfortunately. I'll tell you a story of an American guy who did the north route of the Red Sea with me.

The Danger of Decompression illness?

'Umm Anke, can I ask you something? How big is the danger of decompression sickness?' Look, that's a question that we get often as guides on the Safari boats. We've all learned that decompression sickness is lurking and my experience tells me it can always happen. Strangely enough, we don't expect that at all and even if we notice something weird in our bodies, the penny of decompression sickness does not drop quickly. This is also the case with Paul, who boarded with me in the Maldives.

PygmY me this…

As a dive guide you are expected to show your guests the most beautiful and the best things and I can tell you that it is not always easy. Now we are quite trained In seeing special things, but that does not mean that we can see everything. In fact, sometimes I really have no … Continue reading PygmY me this…


Sooooooo excited... Going back to M/Y Blue Voyager to meet my family in the Maldives, Captain Hassan and the crew. It has been a few months, but its always great to be coming back. Having fun with these gents is like a holiday to me. You might wonder,,, huh but you just went to Bahamas... … Continue reading MEETING OLD FRIENDS AT MY BLUE VOYAGER @ MALDIVES


I am soooo happy 😉 since I got the chance to dive the stunning Raja Ampat (Indonesia). For a couple of months I will be on SY Indo Siren. Got my Macro lens on my camera and really looking forward to this new adventure. SY Indo Siren belongs to Siren Fleet. For more information: sirenfleet.com Hugs … Continue reading ON TO RAJA AMPAT WITH SY INDO SIREN