The weather is fantastic with a wonderfully blue sky and a radiant sun. Currently waiting for new guests and we are heading out this week to dive the wrecks and reefs of the northern Red Sea from the liveaboard. And there are this week's first guests, including Madi and Jovi from the UK. This young couple has never been on a liveaboard vacation before and obtained their Open Water and Advanced certification 3 years ago in Thailand with around 20 dives in the logbook. They are really looking forward to it, but Madi still has her doubts about whether they are experienced enough for this trip. Of course it is always better to come on board with a lot of experience, not so much because otherwise you cannot make certain dives. But more because with more experience you are just less busy with yourself and can therefore enjoy the dives much more. In their case it is wise to go diving with the guide and directly behind the guide. That way we can easily help if there is something.


Being watched

As a child I was not as fond of the sea as I am now. I always had the idea that big wild scary animals would bite my feet off if I walked into the sea. And to be honest I was also afraid of the deep part of the pool after seeing 'the killer whale' a fantastic movie about the revenge of an orca. Anyway, I'm pretty much over my fears now as I'm at sea full-time and like to explore the depths where I've never seen such a scary beast as my fantasy showed me when I was a little girl. Yet I still have the feeling that we are being watched and occasionally I meet the spy myself.

Upside down into the zodiac?

Have you ever dived from a zodiac? I think they are fantastic, as long as you have a good sailor with them. They drop you at exactly the right spot, pick you up even if it is only 50 meters from the big boat and thus make diving a lot easier. But not everyone is a big fan of it. Getting into the zodiac is sometimes a bit challenging, but coming out of the water isn't always charming either.

And there she tumbled into the deep…

Sometimes you have those moments when very unexpectedly the sea does not give but wants to take. The water is huge, deep and strong and has a power that we should not underestimate. But even when she is very calm and shows the beautiful life she houses, there is always something dark, deep and mysterious in her that you should never forget. Good buddy contact, keeping a visual reference and looking around can literally save someone's life. And luckily we also experience that, also with Maaike who was on board with us with her fiancé.

Friendly nurses

Two sisters were on a journey with their husbands, a fantastic tour of the central atolls of the Maldives and I met them when they came on board with me. A wonderful week of diving in the beautiful tropical water with the wish to dive with mantas. Not only many mantas but also a few whale sharks joined us on our dives that week and although the sisters' wish had been granted, their greatest adventure had not yet begun.

A night with a moray

Do you remember how exciting it was when you took a night dive for the first time? Mine was in our cold little country and an adventure I will never forget. Not because I saw such crazy things, but simply because it was so exciting, an adventure that is etched in my memory. And now I am fortunate that as a guide I can regularly take people on their first night of dive. They all think it's very exciting, but there was one who literally cried out... hahahaha

PygmY me this…

As a dive guide you are expected to show your guests the most beautiful and the best things and I can tell you that it is not always easy. Now we are quite trained In seeing special things, but that does not mean that we can see everything. In fact, sometimes I really have no … Continue reading PygmY me this…