And there she tumbled into the deepโ€ฆ

Sometimes you have those moments when very unexpectedly the sea does not give but wants to take. The water is huge, deep and strong and has a power that we should not underestimate. But even when she is very calm and shows the beautiful life she houses, there is always something dark, deep and mysterious in her that you should never forget. Good buddy contact, keeping a visual reference and looking around can literally save someone's life. And luckily we also experience that, also with Maaike who was on board with us with her fiancรฉ.


A broken dive computer?

Fortunately, diving with the table in the pocket of your vest and a watch on your wrist is a thing of the past. We are all now learning to do it with a computer, but how well do divers know that computer? Not too good in my experience unfortunately. I'll tell you a story of an American guy who did the north route of the Red Sea with me.

A night with a moray

Do you remember how exciting it was when you took a night dive for the first time? Mine was in our cold little country and an adventure I will never forget. Not because I saw such crazy things, but simply because it was so exciting, an adventure that is etched in my memory. And now I am fortunate that as a guide I can regularly take people on their first night of dive. They all think it's very exciting, but there was one who literally cried out... hahahaha