FAQ: Welcome aboard

By now you have already completed a long journey and you are finally brought to the boat, whoohoo the holiday can begin. But before you can relax and enjoy yourself, there are still a few things that need to be arranged.

Check in

The horror of the paperwork can unfortunately not be postponed, because the boat usually needs permission from local authorities and it is a condition of the insurance. Anyway, you will have to bite the bullet and fill out the necessary papers. For example, there are papers that are diving related and papers that are boat related. But what do they want to see from you now? First of all, your passport, which you have to hand in. This is not because they are so sure that you will pay the bill at the end of the ride, but because they…

Set up your equipment

After the check in you get the chance to build your set, this can be your own equipment or rented. And you only set up your set completely once during the entire holiday. After every dive they refill your tank on your spot so you don’t have to rebuild and dismantle every time. Now let that be one of the great joys of liveaboard diving. Building and checking your set is important and therefore take your time. As soon as the boat leaves, there are few or no possibilities to get extra diving equipment on board. Most boats have some…