Itineraries/routes of the Red Sea


Liveaboards are floating hotels in the form of a yacht and during your trip we sail to the best diving locations. Not only will we visit remote locations, but we dive in places that usually are impossible to be reached by daily boat and we strongly prefer to dive in these places alone.

A variety of routes, to many to mention

Depending on the region, the sea and weather conditions, there are different ways of visiting the high light dive locations. During your trip the guides will decide together with the captain what the best route is so that we not only visit the best dive sites, but also stay comfortable during sailing and most importantly stay safe.

In the following a series of routes that we can organize. Are you interested to charter the boat? Then we can tailor the route according to your needs and desires.

There is a great variety of routes possible, more than written here as the options are endless. But these are some of the common itineraries:

For general information about the tours, please read below:

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Why dive with Lovediving2?

Safety • Feel at home • Small groups & big boats • Well organized • Customized

In organizing trips we believe that even though we do want everybody to be happy, still safety will come always first! We would like you to be more than safe, we would like you to feel at home. Therefor we prefer big boats for relatively smaller groups, so that we can travel comfortably. We like well organized trips where we dive in small groups (guided or unguided) and usually come with extra dive guides. So that we can customize to your needs, give briefings, courses and workshops in Dutch, German, English and Arabic (other languages are possible at request).

When you dive and travel with Lovediving2 you get a great value for a great price! We often offer trips with Free Nitrox and for an excellent price as its one of the lowest in the market.


Safety comes at all times first

Make yourself at home

Dutch, English, German & Arabic

The temperature of the water changes slowly and can be different in the north compared to the south or the Red Sea, running up to a 4-5 degrees difference. Best time for warm water? May to November.  

Schedule Itinerary

(Red Sea Liveaboards)

DAY 1: Arrival day

You are welcomed on board as of 17:00 on arrival day. A brief introduction of the boat will be given and all the paperwork need to be taken care of. You will be asked to set up your set and check all your equipment. And dinner is served on board. 

Day 2

After breakfast you will receive a full boat briefing and a dive procedures briefing. After that time for the first dive. Today 2-3 dives will be organized depending on the itinerary and needed travel times.

Day 3-6

Every day 3 or 4 dives will be organized. NOTE that night diving in Marine Parks are not allowed in with case there will be 3 organized dives a day. On day 5 it is custom to organize a party dinner. 


In the morning 2-3 dives will be organized, also the billing, paperwork and tipping will be taken care of before going back to the Marina. The dive guides will explain anything you need to know about your return and all the things that need to be taken care of. Once in port resupply of the boat and refueling will take place to prepare for the next trip. 

Day 8: Departure day

After breakfast around 9 am all guests are expected to check out of their cabin. Everybody is transferred out of the boat at the latest by 10 am. 

General information

Diving1-2 dives on the first and last day, a total of 6 days of diving and if the conditions and the traveling permits we will make 4 dives a day, including a night dive. Note that in Marine Parks night diving is not permitted hence a maximum of 3 dives will be organized as these Marine Parks are visited. 
CertificationTo dive off a Liveaboard in the Red Sea it is required to have an Advanced Open Water certification, with minimum 30 dives. It is strongly advised to have a Deep Speciality so that you can dive to 40 meters, as that is required for some of the dives.
EquipmentIncluded are air, tank and weights. Nitrox and other equipment is available at request and for a surcharge.
CabinsUnless you book for 2 persons, or book a private cabin, you will be sharing a cabin with one of our other guests. Sharing organized by us is gender separated, so that women share or men share. If the boat is not fully occupied cabins are still shared, even if some cabins are not used at all.
Duration8 days/7 nights on board, including 6 days of diving. Normally you will spend your last night on board (in port), however the trip planning of the yacht can make it possible that you will be transferred to a local hotel free of charge for the transfer, stay and meals.
SailingMost sailing is done during the day. However you should expect at least 2 overnight sails. The itinerary is a guideline for the trip you have booked. Depending on weather and sea conditions the execution may vary.
GuestsGuests that are younger than 18 years old should be accompanied by an adult and where supervision is needed this will be the responsibility of the adult.