As much wrecks as we can find in the Get Wrecked tour

Get Wrecked (North & Brothers)

For those who love metal or are fans of marine engineering or just love to dive through history, the get wrecked tour should definitely be on the bucket list. But even if you’re not such a great fan of metal almost all wrecks are taken over by the reefs and offer awesome marine life to enjoy!

Marine park

Wreck diving

Reef diving

Night diving

The dive sites of Get wrecked

The majority of Red Seas wrecks are located in the north of the Red Sea or can be found on the Brother Islands. And these areas are the focal point of this tour as we depart from Hurghada. The trip includes world famous wrecks like the SS Thistlegorm, Rosalie Möller, Numidia, Aïda, Carnetic, Ghannis D, Chrisola K and Ulysses, just to name a few.

We even offer some wreck night diving and the maximum depth ranges from 30 to 40 meters. As a diver you should be comfortable with penetration and currents, hence this tour is best done by the more experienced Divers with a deep speciality. 

What to see on Get wrecked





The mayority of the dives will be dedicated to wrecks, luckily these wrecks are fully overtaken by reefs in many places. They are full of life! Dolphins can pass by, a hammerhead on the way to a cleaning station, a crocodile fish on the deck, nudibranchs in the wreckage, schools of goatfish of glass fish inside, moray eels being cleaned by shrimps as a Napoleon wrasse bumbles by.

Route: get wrecked

Tour specs: Get Wrecked (North & Brothers)

Duration8D / 7N > 6 days of diving
PortHurghada or Port Ghalib
AreasBrother Islands (National park), Ras Mohamed National Park, Abu Nuhas, Straight of Gubal and local sites depending on the port
Overnight travel3 one to travel to The Brothers, then from brothers to Daedalus followed bij from Daedalus to the m mainland
Beste travelledMay – October is high season but can be done all year
Dive sitesBrother Islands with Numidia and Aida, Ras Mohamed (National Park) with Yolanda , SS Thistlegorm, Rosalie Moller, Dunraven, Ghannis D, Carnetic, Chrisola K., Gubal Island, Umm Gammar
Number of dives18 – 21
Type of divingWreck diving with swim throughs, possible drifts, reef and night diving
Maximum diving depths30-40 meter
CurrentsNone to small with the exception of The Brother Islands where a medium current is common.
Expected marine lifePossibility of dolphins and sharks, turtles, morays, tuna, trevally, batfish, lion fish, stone fish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, clownfish, octopus
Advised certificationAOWD with 30 dives, deep and drift spec advised for the Brother Islands dives

* The executed route and dive sites are chosen depending on the wind and sea conditions where safety and comfort on board are key. The sea is not a zoo and the expected marine life is a realistic expectation based upon years of experience.

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