Diving both west and east of the Sinai in North & Tiran

North & Tiran

East of the Sinai Peninsula, in the straight of Tiran are the famous dive sites of Thomas, Woodhouse, Gorden and Jackson. The deep water around often offers interesting currents. And current bring nurtitions to reefs, making them very healthy and stunning dive sites. Next to that deep waters home many of the bigger fish species and diving these Tiran sites can bring great surprises like big tuna’s and even sharks like hammerheads.

Wreck diving

Drift diving

Reef diving

Night diving

The Dive sites of North & Tiran

In this tour we dive next to the wrecks and reefs of the straight of Gubal into the Straight of Tiran, This is the home of world famous reefs Thomas, Jackson, Gordon and Woodhouse.

With their deep dropping walls the Tiran dive sites are a great addition to the dives in the North of Egypts Red Sea. North means North of Hurghada and West of the peninsula. This area is the home of some of the best dive sites.

The wrecks of the straight of Gubal are SS Thistlegorm, Dunraven, Ghannis D, Carnetic, Chrisola K. and Kingston. Some of the best reefs are: Ras Mohamed National Park with Shark & Yolanda en Anemone city, Shag Rock, Small Gubal Island with The Barge and of course Sha’ab el Erg a.k.a. the dolphin house.

In the North and Tiran tour you will dive on both reefs, along deep dropping walls en visit some of our world famous wrecks. Maximum depth will range from 30 to 40 meter en an occasional drift should be expected, where you roll off a zodiac. Making it important that you as a diver are certified for the depth, comfortable drifting and occasionally swimming through a wreck.

What to see in North & Tiran





Wrecks are great places to look for camouflaged species, like the scorpionfish, crocodile and lion fish. Often the wreck offers protection for those who need it, like young animals, batfish, nudi branches and pipefish.

As for the reefs, this tour includes some with deep dropping dramatic walls in Tiran. This means currents will be able to play and they often bring pelagics like tuna, trevalli, eagle rays, grey reef sharks and alike. Whereas flat reefs often offer eating hawksbill turtles, moray eels and loads of different reef fishes. This is also the place to look for stone fish in the shallow waters and Red Sea walkman in the sandy parts.

A special treat is the ginormous anemone city in Ras Mohamed, starting at 10 meters of dept sloping down to 25 and filled with clownfish and the three-dotted damsel.

Route: North & Tiran

TOUR SPECS: North & Tiran

Duration8D / 7N > 6 days of diving
AreaStraight of Tiran, Ras Mohamed (National Park), Straight of Gubal, Abu Nuhas, El Guona, Hurghada
Overnight travelOn this tour there normally is no night travel except for maybe one night or remarking early morning.
Beste travelledApril – November is the best time to dive here, however you can dive this all year
Dive sitesThomas, Gordon, Jackson, Woodhouse, Ras Mohamed, SS Thistlegorm, Kingston, Dunraven, Ghannis D, Carnetic, Chrisola K., Gubal Island, Umm Gammar maybe even the Dolphin house
Number of dives19-21
Type of divingWall diving, drift, wreck diving with swim throughs, reef diving and night diving
Maximum diving depths30 -40 meter
CurrentsNone to small, an occasional medium and on the Tiran reefs a medium current can be expected
Expected marine lifeTurtles, Morays, tuna, trevally, batfish, lion fish, stone fish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, clownfish, octopus, sharks can be seen during high season.
Advised certificationAOWD with 30 dives plus a deep specialty is a good idea

* The executed route and dive sites are chosen depending on the wind and sea conditions where safety and comfort on board are key. The sea is not a zoo and the expected marine life is a realistic expectation based upon years of experience.

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