Hard coral gardens full of life in Fury & friends

Fury & friends (South)

Dugongs, dolphins, sea and hawksbill turtles, Napoleon wrasses, tuna, trivially and an occasional shark can be expected win this tour and all that in the scenery box beautiful hard coral gardens, what a treat!

Drift diving

Cave diving

Reef diving

Night diving

The dive sites of Fury and fiends

This tour is focussed on the fury shoal area and her friends are known as Sataya and the areas around Marsa Alam. Fury shoal is known for beautiful hard coral gardens that offer caverns and a coral quality that is quite rare in this world. Some of them are bigger than a car and attract loads of special marine life.

The dive sites in this trip are mostly reefs on a plateau between 20 and 30 meters. Offering a cavern here and there and a few wall dives with the potential of a drift, but no blue water diving. For the divers this means that this tour is for the moderate experienced diver and offers some night diving.

Some of the famous sites of this tour are: Claudio, Malahi, Maksour, Sataya, Stairway to heaven, Shelleniat, Elphinstone, Abu Dahab. And depending on the port you might have a chance to visit (from Hurghada) the Safaga area with Salem Express, Abu Kefan, Middle reef, Panorama and Tobia Arba.

What to see in fury shoal





The reefs of Fury Shoal are known for their stunning and very big hard corals. Especially blue corals are typical as you can hardly find them anywhere in the world. These reefs are the home of a abundance of marine life. From blue spotted rays to loads of morays, scorpion, lion and crocodile fishes, large schools of goat fish, barracuda, turtles, nudi branches and much more. Something special is a chance of dugong if you visit Marsa Shouna close to Marsa Alam. This bay often shows these sea cows next to green turtles and large ray species.

Depending on the time of year sharks can be seen but of course not guaranteed. Species that are likely are longimanus, grey reef and white tip reef shark, plus a chance of a hammerhead here and there.

Fury shoal is known for the dolphin house Sataya where spinner dolphins are seen on a regular basis. These dolphins do not like divers very much but we offer a snorkel with them if they are in the area.

Route Fury & friends (South)

TOUR SPECS: Fury & friends (South)

Duration8D / 7N > 6 days of diving
PortHurghada or Port Ghalib
AreaFury Shoal, Marsa Alam Area, Sataya. If coming from Hurghada then Safaga can be included
Overnight travelTo Fury Shoal and on the way back to port
Beste travelledApril – October, bust dived all year round
Dive sitesSataya-East, Malahi, Maksour, Claudio, Stairway to heaven, Abu Dabab, Elphinstone, plus local reefs depending on the Port. If coming from Hurghada the Salem Express can be included.
Number of dives18-19
Type of divingCave diving with swim throughs, reef diving, drifting and night diving
Maximum diving depths30 meter
CurrentsNone to small, an occasional medium
Expected marine lifeDolphins, turtles, morays, tuna, trevally, batfish, lion fish, stone fish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, clownfish, octopus
Advised certificationAOWD with 30 dives

* The executed route and dive sites are chosen depending on the wind and sea conditions where safety and comfort on board are key. The sea is not a zoo and the expected marine life is a realistic expectation based upon years of experience.

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