SPECIAL: Shark week

Shark week

During this week we offer a series of workshops where you learn a lot about sharks. Not only how to dive with them, but how they eat and mate, how to recognize different species, the history and how they are threatened to extinction. Plus we will seek the best spots to go diving with them.

Marine park

Drift diving

Reef diving

Zodiac diving

Dive Sites of Shark week

Shark week is an add-on onto an itinerary that is likely to give us divers some nice shark action. Suitable areas are:

  • The Brother Islands
  • Daededalus reef
  • Elphinstone
  • Rocky & Zabargad
  • Sain Johns

What to see in shark week




Reef fish

As our focus lies on diving with sharks we will spend quite some time in the blue seeking them. Shark that are commonly seen are:

  • Whaleshark during the summer
  • Longimanus
  • Silky shark
  • Thresher shark
  • Grey reef shark
  • White tip reef shark

Species that are out there that are seen but not commonly: tiger shark, Maco shark and the Silvertip.

Of course we will spend time on the reef in every dive. So depending on where we are traveling we are likely to encounter turtles, dolphins, murals, eagle rays, blue spotted rays, marbled rays, reef fish, scorpion and stone fish and much more.

Route Shark week

As Shark Week is a add-on to a regular tour we have multiple routes. Please note that The Red Sea is a big sea therefor visiting all these in one week is not possible due to distances.

TOUR SPECS: Shark week

Duration8D / 7N > 6 days of diving
PortPort Ghalib or Hurghada
AreaA selection of the following: Big & Small Brother Island, Daedalus reef and Elphinstone. Or Saint johns and maybe Rocky and Zabargad.
Overnight travelDepending on the tour, but 2-3 night travels should be expected
Beste travelledApril – November, Especially during the months of September – October as during these months usually more sharks are seen. As for the Deep South April-may is the hight season for sharks.
Dive sitesDepending on the chosen route.
Number of dives17-19
Type of divingAlong deep Walls, blue water diving and drifts. Maybe an occasional night dive.
Maximum diving depths30 -40 meter
CurrentsOn offshore reefs medium to strong currents can be expected
Expected marine lifeLongimanus, grey and white-tip reef sharks, silky shark, tiger shark, thresher shark, Turtles, Morays, tuna, trevally, batfish, lion fish, stone fish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, clownfish, octopus
Advised certificationAOWD with 30 dives.

* The executed route and dive sites are chosen depending on the wind and sea conditions where safety and comfort on board are key. The sea is not a zoo and the expected marine life is a realistic expectation based upon years of experience.

Why dive with Lovediving2?

Safety β€’ Feel at home β€’ Small groups & big boats β€’ Well organized β€’ Customized

In organizing trips we believe that even though we do want everybody to be happy, still safety will come always first! We would like you to be more than safe, we would like you to feel at home. Therefor we prefer big boats for relatively smaller groups, so that we can travel comfortably. We like well organized trips where we dive in small groups (guided or unguided) and usually come with extra dive guides. So that we can customize to your needs, give briefings, courses and workshops in Dutch, German, English and Arabic (other languages are possible at request).

When you dive and travel with Lovediving2 you get a great value for a great price! We often offer trips with Free Nitrox and for an excellent price as its one of the lowest in the market.


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