The geography is simply amazing in Saint Johns

Saint Johns (Deep South)

The last area in the south, about 60 miles from the Sudanese border is called Saint Johns. Most of her reefs are situated on plateaus and in the shallow parts many of them offer a cavern of some sorts. The variety of types of reefs is amazing on this tour, from deep dropping walls till a forrest of pinnacles and anything in between.

Cave diving

Drift diving

Reef diving

Night diving

Dive Sites of Saint Johns

The number one site of the area is called Umm Khararim or Saint Johns Caves and is the home of an open cavern system, with ambient light coming from the cracks just under the surface, where you can spend an entire dive in if you would like. Another famous reef is Umm Aruk, where a forrest of pinnacles stands next to the main reef. These pillars rise up from a depth of 25 meters and are fully overgrown with hard and soft corals. This awesome dive site always offers super diving as there are enough pinnacles so that each buddy team can visit one at the same time.

The dive sites of Saint Johns all offer something special. An underwater mountain on Habili Jaffer, caverns, a plateau and lagoons on Paradise, drifting on Small Gota or looking for baby sharks on Big Gota, not to forget the pinnacle forrest of Umm Aruk.

Large underwater mountains, a forrest of pinnacles, a deep plateau with the biggest anemone city in the Red Sea, reefs that do not reach the surface, deep dropping walls, Saint Johns has it all! That means for you as a diver that to enjoy this area you need to be comfortable with wall diving, drifting, currents, caverns and bumbling in shallow waters with an occasional wreck dive on the way back.

What to see in Saint Johns





As this area is only visited by a few boats the reefs are of very good quality plus the variety of shapes is amazing. Currents are usually around bringing loads of nutritions and playing an important part for the reef system. Life that you can expect in Saint Johns: hawksbill turtles, occasional Big Bottlenose Dolphins, curious Napoleon Wrasses, stone fish and Red Sea Walkmans, anemone cities with clownfish, a giant barracuda hanging under the boat, Spanish Dancers on the night dive but surely quite some nudi branches are around. All caves are nurseries for maybe white tip reefs sharks, butterfly fishes, rock mover wrasses and so on.

On your way back you might visit Marsa Shouna, known for the bigger ray species, sea turtles and an occasional dugong (sea cow). In the area of Sataya you have chance of snorkeling with spinner dolphins.

Route: Saint Johns (Deep South)

TOUR SPECS: Saint Johns (Deep South)

Duration8D / 7N > 6 days of diving
PortHurghada or Port Ghalib
AreaSaint Johns, Fury Shoal, Marsa Alam, Sataya. If traveling from Hurghada then Safaga can be included.
Overnight travelTo Saint Johns and on the way back to port
Beste travelledApril – October, however this Itinerary van be done almost all year around.
Dive sitesSaint Johns Caves, Paradise, Big and Small Gota, Umm Aruk, Sataya-East, Malahi, Maksour, Claudio, Abu Dabab, Elphinstone, plus local reefs depending on the Port, possibly Salem Express (from Hurghada)
Number of dives18-20
Type of divingWall diving with blue water, reef diving and night diving and an occasional cavern.
Maximum diving depths30-40 meter
CurrentsNone to small, an occasional medium
Expected marine lifeDolphins, turtles, morays, tuna, trevally, batfish, lion fish, stone fish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, clownfish, octopus, Nudi Braches
Advised certificationAOWD with 30 dives

* The executed route and dive sites are chosen depending on the wind and sea conditions where safety and comfort on board are key. The sea is not a zoo and the expected marine life is a realistic expectation based upon years of experience.

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