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Are you looking into diving the Red Sea? Maybe even doing a tour on a liveaboard? Then you are in the right place. As an experienced guide the Red Sea is my playground and we love traveling by liveaboard to reach the best dive sites.


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 just wanted to let you know that his party had a realy great time on board of the Asmaa. They realy liked it that Anke spoke Dutch and she took her time to make everything very enjoyable for the clients, compliments. The diving was amazing, the crew and the boat and food was also amazing. 

Cheers guys, keep up the good work.


Water temperature

The temperature of the water changes slowly and can be different in the north compared to the south or the Red Sea, running up to a 4-5 degrees difference. Best time for warm water? May to November. ย 

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Having a headache as you have been diving can be quite alarming. Next to that we tend to blame it on things that happened to us. But what if you simply lack something? Check out this adventure I had in Indonesia.

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