Captain, crew and guides

Often there is a lot more staff around than you initially realize. Ultimately it is a boat, a hotel with a restaurant and a diving organization. And to manage all this in the right direction, quite a few staff members are needed.

For example, there is the captain and sometimes there is a second. He is responsible for safety on board, sailing movements and he is in charge of all crew. Then we’ll have the necessary sailors and an enineer. They work directly with the captain, help sail and park, drop us at a dive site by zodiac, help with your equipment and fill your tanks.

Then there are usually two or three chefs who together make all meals and all desserts, bake bread and cakes and often do the dishes by hand. A really big job, although you usually don’t see these people. Serving the food and keeping the inside of the boat clean including your room is done by two people. These are named differently in different countries, such as salon managers or housekeeping and a host.

In addition to the boat and hotel staff, they have guides and possibly a cruise director, sometimes also called first guide. They are there to brief you, guide you, but they also help to manage the hotel area and to deal with and resolve any complaints.

In most countries the crew lives on board almost continuously and they spend their holidays with the family. People often ask if they can do something for the crew and of course that is possible. For example, bring some chocolate or sweets with you, which is greatly appreciated and is often difficult to obtain on location. Of course you can also express your appreciation in the form of a tip, a custom on all safari boats worldwide.


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