Dive time and depth

As a rule, dives of one hour are made, with the night dive often limited to 45 minutes. If you want to dive longer, ask in the briefing. The maximum diving depth for a recreational trip is 40 meters, or 30 meters in some cases because deeper is not allowed by law. Respect that maximum depth and do not exceed it, because it can ensure that your insurance does not cover you in the event of an accident or that you receive a strong warning from the guides. After all, they may not simply allow exceeding because they would then become personally liable and could lose their job, not to mention the consequences in the event of an accident.

Do you have to dive to the maximum depth? No, of course not, you and your buddy can of course just dive shallower. Also keep in mind to what depth you are certified and whether your insurance will cover you. Stay within all those limits and please you should do nothing at all except enjoy. Don’t do weird antics or go deeper than you like.


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