Eco-conscious travels

Unfortunately but true, we humans leave a lot of junk behind in this world and we see the consequences of that all too much. It has probably not escaped your notice that the seas and oceans are severely affected by this. So every little bit helps, no matter how small and luckily more and more liveaboards are joining in. They no longer give you water bottles, but offer a water dispenser. This means that you can either use the cups on board or bring your own water tank. The choice is entirely yours.

Do you want to go the extra mile? How about a travel coffee cup or a net to put any litter in during your dives. Also don’t forget to check your sunscreen. Did you know that sunscreen damages coral? Now it is not smart to travel in these often tropical areas without sunscreen, but there are creams available that protect you and do not damage the reef. Yes they are slightly more expensive, but which is more important, your wallet or the environment? The choice is entirely yours.


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