Everyone has/uses a buoy (SMB)

The SMB or buoy is widely used in liveaboard diving and everyone should have one. Of course they understand that you dive with your regular buddy and that your buddy always inflates the balloon and you don’t need one. But what if you lose sight of your buddy? Or a current is pushing you in a different direction? Even if you don’t expect it or you normally never do, all these things happen and you need an SMB. But for what? Very simply at the end of your dive, release the buoy at the beginning or end of your safety stop. The crew sees the buoy and the zodiac, skiff or dhoni will pick you up. So it’s a way to call a taxi. Another important moment is if there are many boats while you are diving and you are shallow in an area where these boats may be able to sail. In that case, the buoy is the best way to show everyone that you are just below the surface of the water. Are you not experienced with releasing a buoy? Then ask the guide on board to explain it to you and practice it during the check dive.


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