Food and drinks 

Good food is part of a great diving holiday and is a must, as you can use the energy. That is why liveaboards usually have 2-3 chefs who prepare all the food and preferably use fresh ingredients. If you now have special wishes or allergies that they have to take into account, do not feel burdened but report it. If the food is not to your liking, just say so and the chefs will make it for you. If you are vegan and would like to have special products that non-vegans generally do not consume, please report this well before you travel. Some products may not or hardly be available locally, so it is useful if the boat has the time to buy it for you. If they can’t get it, you can always consider bringing something with you, although this is generally not necessary.

There is always something to drink. From water to tea and coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits. The first three are almost always free, the others you sometimes have to pay, depending on the organization. Often there is a list where you have to keep track of what you use and sometimes there is a bartender. But whatever you take and what you have to pay for, the bill is only presented at the end of the trip. So you don’t have to walk around with your wallet all the time. But don’t be surprised either and check with the travel organization what they have on board and what you have to pay for.


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