Good diving insurance

In addition to your certifications and your logbook, you will also need to have diving insurance for this vacation. This is therefore not an ordinary travel insurance policy, but one that covers you in the event of a diving accident. Some divers call their travel insurance company and ask if diving is also covered, although they can’t find it in the small print. As a rule, travel insurance can cover you for diving, but this means your diving luggage and not the medical costs of a diving accident, nor any evacuation or a longer stay. It is therefore wise and in many cases required by the travel organization to take out thorough insurance that covers you in the event of loss of equipment, diving medical costs, possible postponement of your return trip and the like. Make sure you have that in black and white and especially to what depth you are covered. Also check whether liveaboard travel is included, because unfortunately that is not always the case.


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