Health and hygiene

Traveling with a liveaboard is really fantastic. The water, the adventure, being outside, absolutely wonderful. Yet there is also a downside. During your stay on board you live with the other travelers and the crew in a very small area. You share toilets, rooms and everything you use. And every traveler passes through an airport or has someone at home who has a cold or flu. In addition, they have local bacteria that your body has to get used to and all that makes hygiene very important. At least if you want to minimize the chance of a cold or special movements in your intestines. But how can you best do that?

Only use the bathroom in your room, this way if something is transferable it won’t be transferred to everyone. Wash your hands as often as you can and use disinfectant gels if necessary. Only drink from your own water tank and do not use tap water for drinking or brushing your teeth. Take it easy with the food for the first few days and be careful with anything that is not cooked. Do not lie down excessively in the sun and especially apply factor 50. Do not rinse your mask or regulator in a rinsing tank but use the sprays.

Do you feel a small headache coming on, your stool is not what you are used to, a rash on your skin, it doesn’t matter what, but everything you normally don’t have you should now take seriously. Report it to the guides and they can help or advise you. But please don’t think it’s over. You are in a tropical country on vacation where you do a lot of diving. Health problems are lurking and can spoil your holiday fun. So be on time and follow the advice of your dive guides or ask for a doctor if you wish. Keep in mind that professional medical help is not always close by, so be careful.


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