In hand luggage or checked luggage?

What about your lamps, batteries, regulator set, are they allowed in hand luggage or must it go in the hold? Well, that depends on the airline and their policy, so you should ask carefully. In general the following applies:

  • Your regulator set is allowed in hand luggage.
  • Batteries outside the lamps. Lamps and batteries in the hold luggage.

If you fly with a charter flight, you will be severely limited in your luggage options and they will ask you to pay every chance they see. Scheduled flights, on the other hand, are easier and you can often take extra diving luggage with you for free. When you are looking for flights, it is therefore useful to compare the costs for the charter flight plus food and baggage costs with the costs for the scheduled flight. With scheduled flights, everything is often included and as soon as you look at the additional costs of the charter, it is not uncommon that a scheduled flight seems more expensive at first glance, but is cheaper in practice.


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