Depending on where you are traveling, it is useful to take some extra medication with you. Some painkillers, diarrhea inhibitors, allergy cream and antibiotics, but also think about rehydration salt and medication against seasickness. The salts are very nice to use during your travel days if you spend the necessary time in air-conditioned airports and airplanes. The air is dry there and you notice that in your body and because of this many people appear slightly dehydrated in addition to being tired. And that is neither convenient nor comfortable when you go diving. Keeping yourself well hydrated is very important during a diving holiday and good salts can help you with that.

Seasickness can really get anyone, even if you have been working in the offshore industry for 25 years, and can really spoil your holiday. Good medication against seasickness is not available in every country and not every boat has it, so something in the bag from the Netherlands is so smart. Something that proves to help enormously are those small anti-seasickness patches that you stick behind your ear. If you know that you are prone to seasickness, it is even useful to start as soon as you start your journey. It takes some time to build up the active substances in your body and if you only use it when the ship leaves the port, then you are simply too late. Would you rather not take medication but still do something against seasickness, an alternative are ginger tablets, they help your stomach to relax.

Whatever you want to take with you in terms of medication, as soon as you fly you must be able to prove what you have with you, what it is for and the like. This means that you keep the pills in the original packaging with a leaflet, not to mention a letter from the doctor if he or she has prescribed them.


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