Set up your equipment

After the check in you get the chance to build your set, this can be your own equipment or rented. And you only set up your set completely once during the entire holiday. After every dive they refill your tank on your spot so you don’t have to rebuild and dismantle every time. Now let that be one of the great joys of liveaboard diving.

Building and checking your set is important and therefore take your time. As soon as the boat leaves, there are few or no possibilities to get extra diving equipment on board. Most boats have some extra lying around, but that is of course very limited. So don’t just set it up, but check that everything works and fits properly. If you use rental equipment, really adjust everything and check whether it is in good condition to avoid any misunderstandings and additional costs.

Do you have special wishes, such as a 15 liter steel tank or a double set, sidemounts or do your sizes for a diving suit differ from the average diver, make sure you have checked and booked this. Often ‘special’ wishes are difficult to fulfill because liveaboard travel is done in countries where the resources are not easily available. In addition, many travel organizations offer a discount if you book your rental equipment or courses early.


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