Take nice pictures

Today, the camera is almost a permanent part of diving equipment. Some stick to a small action camera, others pack the SLR or even a drone. Whatever your photographic or videographic needs, remember that not every country offers as much freedom as ours. For example, in some countries, having a drone is considered a terrorist action and you are not allowed to take it with you in that case. So let yourself be informed in advance, ask your tour operator and do a search on Google.

Do you now have a large camera set and are you wondering how best to take it with you? Ask your airline, they have all the information you are looking for. For example, you can often add an extra bag or suitcase to your hand luggage on scheduled flights, as long as it contains a camera. Make sure that you put any inbuses and other tools in your checked baggage, because they are just not allowed in the cabin of the plane.


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