What is the minimum you must be able to do as a diver?

Liveaboard diving is for the slightly more experienced diver, but that does not mean that you are not allowed to join at the beginning of your diving career. The travel organization has advice for minimum requirements for every trip. These are not only in their interest, but above all yours. You can easily dive outside your comfort zone at sea and that is not only a pity, but also uncomfortable and can even be dangerous.

In general, you must have at least Advanced Open Water with 30 dives. Keep in mind that you can then dive up to a maximum of 30 meters and in some locations you really want to go deeper because there are hammerhead sharks or a fantastic wreck there. If you really want to enjoy your liveaboard trip to the fullest, ask what requirements there are in advance and respect them. Do a deep specialty, learn to drift or do some more dives first. Sometimes it’s just better to build up experience before jumping in at the deep end, although you can of course also follow additional training on board. But the more experience and training you have, the more you can fully enjoy a liveaboard diving holiday.


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