Debby van der Meulen-de Jong 

Anke has been a great example and learning model for me in my diving training as an Instructor Trainer and before that as an Instructor. She knows how to transfer the theory and skills with great passion and enthusiasm in the training sessions. She also always sets the bar a little higher, so that I, together with my fellow students, have been trained as a “real” independent divers. Anke does not take enough with just enough, but wants you to actually possess the theory and skills! By raising the bar just a little bit higher, she has done this with every student I know… This is also the case with the divers she has trained as instructors.

I appreciate Anke’s commitment, time, enthusiasm and a lot of patience with me and my fellow students. I also hope to be able to follow a number of specialties and the instructor training with her, because then I know for myself that I will be well trained and, last but not least, supervised!