What to see when?

Scalloped Hammerhead shark

WHERE: Islands and reefs surrounded by deep waters. Best chance to see the school: Daedalus. Individuals or pairs are also often seen on the Brothers Islands and Elphinstone. Slimmer chances: Tiran Strait specially Jackson & Thomas, Rocky & Zabargad and in Sant John’s in Gotas & Habilis.

WHEN: All year round but high season for schools goes from May to September (Daedalus). In Saint Johns sharks are best spotted April/May.

DIVE: These sharks are quite shy and when it comes to the school, they usually stay just under the thermocline in the blue water on Daedalus. Their exact location depends on the currents. As a diver it is advised to stay calm and quite and not use flash lights as this scares them away.

BEST ITINERARY: Simply the best

Hammerheads on Deadalus