About me?

Life is going diving and diving is my life… My motto?

Love life… Blow bubbles

How it started?

In 1999, after a trip to Egypt where I went snorkeling and absolutely loved it. As I returned a friend mentioned diving and I gave it a go. It did not take me long to start a course and that was the beginning of a road that I still enjoy walking on today. I became a diver

As my love for diving grew with each course that I did, diving became a true passion within a few years. I became a NOB Diving Instructor in 2005 and a NOB Instructor Trainer in 2007, taught loads of courses at my dive club Miramar Friesland. Soon I realized I wanted do more and I started my own Diving Center specialized in specialties and trained quite a few Diving Instructors. 

Enjoying every dive

As a diver I really enjoy diving with a daily boat, but my big passion is the Liveaboard. In 2003 I came back to Egypt to do my very first Liveaboard trip and visites the Brothers Islands. Eating, sleeping and living on board 24/7 and diving places where the daily boats cannot come. During my first adventure I was nick named ‘jumm jumm orange’, have a look here to read more about my first adventure.

Ever since I have been combining holidays with diving whenever possible. I have visited & dived many places, but surely there are too many to visit. From Belgium, to France, Spain, Thailand, Egypt, Maldives and many, many more… One thing became clear to me, diving is my life and if I can make a living ut of it, I surely will….

A traveling guide

As I lost my regular day job in The Netherlands in 2013 I decided it was time to chase a dream that I have had ever since my first Liveaboard: to become a dive guide on of course a Liveaboard. So I packed my bags and went to Egypt not knowing if this would be a long holiday, a sabbatical or a life changing moment.

Ever since I landed in Hurghada (Egypt) to become a professional dive guide I have learned a lot. Not only about dive sites or how to manage a Liveaboard, but also about Guestcare, working in different cultures and living in different countries.I became a PADI Instructor as well as DAN and SSI. I have been very fortunate in my career as a guide and have had the great opportunity to work with some of the best companies, like: Emperor Divers, Blue O Two, Master Liveaboard, Siren Fleet and Blue Planet Liveaboards. And how awesome to be working in countries like Egypt, Bahamas, Indonesia and the Maldives. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to keep on traveling and diving as long as I am fit as the world has soo many great places to visit, far to many to visit in this life time…

Join me on my trips

After loads of experience over half of the globe I have finally reached a point to start organizing my own trips under my name. Big leap but an awesome challenge that I am very excited about. Step by step I will start to offer more trips and I would love for you guys to join me on board. Have a look to what I have to offer.

What else I do?

Of course a lot of the things I love is connected to diving. For instance photography and videography underwater of even above water to present a boat. I am also the lucky lady who got the chance to become columnist for the Dutch Diver Magazine. And in honor of my first profession I still do some marketing and graphic design.

Interested in my pictures, videos and/or my columns? They are just a click away and you can use the buttons below… As for my marketing work and graphic designs, please visit https://ankesdesign.solutions