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Are you looking into diving the Red Sea? Maybe even doing a tour on a liveaboard? Then you are in the right place. As an experienced guide the Red Sea is my playground and we love traveling by liveaboard to reach the best dive sites.


AOWD + 30 dives

Marine park

Wreck diving

Drift diving

Reef diving

Zodiac diving

Cave diving

Night diving

Book a unique tour and start packing for your memorable vacation...

Simply the best

24-31 September 2022

A world famous trip leading to the Brother Islands, Daedalus Reef and Elphinstone. As we are traveling in high season we have a good chance of encountering sharks.

Wrecks & reefs

12-19 November 2022

Visit famous wrecks like the SS Thistlegorm and Carnetic together with the beautiful reefs of Ras Mohamed National park and more…

Fury & friends

19-26 November 2022

Dive along the coast from Marsa Alam to Hurghada and Visit the famous Sataya Area. Stunning reefs, swim throughs and turtles and dolphins are very likely.

Why dive with Lovediving2?

Safety • Feel at home • Small groups & big boats • Well organized • Customized

In organizing trips we believe that even though we do want everybody to be happy, still safety will come always first! We would like you to be more than safe, we would like you to feel at home. Therefor we prefer big boats for relatively smaller groups, so that we can travel comfortably. We like well organized trips where we dive in small groups (guided or unguided) and usually come with extra dive guides. So that we can customize to your needs, give briefings, courses and workshops in Dutch, German, English and Arabic (other languages are possible at request).

When you dive and travel with Lovediving2 you get a great value for a great price! We often offer trips with Free Nitrox and for an excellent price as its one of the lowest in the market.


Safety comes at all times first

Make yourself at home

Dutch, English, German & Arabic

Special offer!

Nitrox course for only 60 Euro

* If pre-booked and done on the first day of diving of your trip. Excluding materials and certification fees and book together with your trip booking request.


The Red Sea offers some of the best diving leading on famous reefs and wrecks with a great chance of meeting some pretty awesome marine life…

Join me…

What People Say

 just wanted to let you know that his party had a realy great time on board of the Asmaa. They realy liked it that Anke spoke Dutch and she took her time to make everything very enjoyable for the clients, compliments. The diving was amazing, the crew and the boat and food was also amazing. 

Cheers guys, keep up the good work.


The temperature of the water changes slowly and can be different in the north compared to the south or the Red Sea, running up to a 4-5 degrees difference. Best time for warm water? May to November.  

Charter a liveaboard

For diving clubs or schools or just a group of friends of about 10-30 people it can be interesting to charter your own liveaboard!

Arrival and departure dates that suits your schedule

We can adjust the tour to your needs and desires

No others guests on the boat that your group

And the pricing might just surprice you!

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Time to relax

It’s great that everyone is diving again on their holidays. We have missed that so much in recent years and how nice it is to see mother nature again. As a guide, I am of course extra happy to see you in the tropical waters again. Great diving together, although for most it takes some getting used to. Suits shrunk a bit, and quite the job to set it all up again and then that first dive. Still need more weights than the last time on vacation a few years ago and the air consumption, oops goes sky-high again. Well that’s part of it for a while, but after the first few dives almost everyone is enjoying themselves again and they don’t worry about weight and air any more.

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In case of doubt don’t do it!

That we like to take an underwater stroll and preferably as we have planned, is the general rule for us divers. The strange thing is that when we plan it, we also expect and sometimes oblige ourselves to go diving. We don’t want to disappoint our buddy or have been looking forward to the dive for so long and how about I traveled half the world for it. All bad reasons to take the plunge if you feel a sense of doubt before entering the water. Of course it depends on the reason of doubt, for some it’s okay if you go, but for most it’s really better to sit out the dive and get help if possible.

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Buddy for life

I am now on transit in Istanbul on my way back to Amsterdam and these are the moments when I have time to reflect on my diving adventures. The exciting dives I’ve already made, the eye-catching places I’ve seen, the nice people I’ve met and especially the new diving (travel) adventures. As a passionate diver, I am blessed with a life as a dive guide and love to meet new people. I love divers and think we’re kind of an exclusive club of underwater adventurers with a common denominator that goes beyond just diving.

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