Don’t feed, don’t take and don’t touch anything

The fact that we divers influence the underwater life can only be prevented if we do not dive there. And that is of course not an option for us underwater enthusiasts. What we can do is protect nature and ourselves as best we can. While diving, that means not touching anything that is alive. So if it has eyes and a mouth, nice colors and doesn’t look like a gray rock, don’t touch it. Even sand is full of life and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. So avoid sitting or standing, arrange a good trim and be aware of how tall you are. Use your fins with a horizontal stroke when you are close to a bottom, in a wreck or cave.

Feeding animals or taking shells is also something we should not do. The feeding is obvious, although shark feeding sessions are organized in some parts of the world under the guise of education, it is preferable not to do it. Our presence and behavior changes marine life. So lets minimize that impact as much as possible by taking only memories and photos and leaving bubbles behind.


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